Thursday, March 25th - Friday, March 26th 

Thursday AM Session: 9 am – 12 pm

Friday PM Session: 2 pm – 5 pm


2020-2021 Foreign Language Examination Committee
Dr. Cristina Ionescu, Chair
French: Dr. John C. McCarthy (coordinator); Dr. Michele Averchi; Dr. Kevin White
German:  Dr. Matthias Vorwerk (coordinator); Dr. Thomas Marré; Dr. Michael Rohlf
Greek: Dr. Cristina Ionescu (coordinator);  Dr. Ignacio de Ribera-Martin; Dr. Bradley Lewis
Latin: Dr. Gregory Doolan (coordinator); Dr. Michael Gorman; Dr. Stephen Ogden

The deadline to register is Thursday, March 11th. Late registrations will not be accepted. To register, or to request past exams, please e-mail with the language in question. We will not accept verbal registrations.


  • Do I need to sit for both sessions of the exam, even though I’m an MA/PhL student?Yes, you must take both parts of the exam.
  • If I register for the exam, but decide not to take it, does it count as one of my fail attempts?Only if you arrive on the day of the exam, look at it, and then decide not to take it. If you just decide not to show up, that’s fine—it won’t count against you. However, please let us know ahead of time if you plan not to take the exam
  • Do I need to take FREN 500 or GER 500 before taking the School of Philosophy translation exam?You are not required to take these courses prior to sitting for the exam. However, unless you’ve already studied French or German in the past, it is recommended that you do.
  • What about the University’s language exam, the one offered by the Counseling Center?
  • How do I get copies of past exams?Just email

For questions regarding MA/PhL requirements, go here

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If you still have questions after checking the website, please email or stop by the Dean's Office.