A community of students, graduate and undergraduate, and faculty, united in a philosophical consideration of abiding questions about the whole, and about our place within it. 

  • Dean John McCarthy

    Dean's Welcome

    As we learn from Plato, Socrates thought that philosophy was to be carried out in the back and forth, at once playful and serious, of open-ended conversation...

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  • Aquinas Hall

    History and Mission

    Formally inaugurated in 1895, students and faculty in the School of Philosophy have confronted every major philosophical discipline and every major figure in the history of philosophy.

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  • Pope Leo XIII

    Ecclesiastical Status

    Catholic University has a unique relationship with the Holy See stemming from its founding by the bishops of the United States under a papal charter issued by Pope Leo XIII in 1887.

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  • Book open on a desk

    Career Outlook

    The study of philosophy will develop your mind by improving your ability to analyze, organize, synthesize, and express your own thoughts and the expressed thoughts of others.

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Each year the School of Philosophy invites a number of prominent scholars to offer lectures in their areas of specialty.