The University provides scholarship support and financial aid to a large percentage of its students. 96% of our first-year students receive scholarship and grant funding from the University.

Prospective undergraduate students should visit the University’s scholarship and financial aid webpage for more information.

Applicants to the School of Philosophy’s M.A./Ph.D. and Ph.D. program are eligible for a full tuition scholarship and stipend support.

Tuition Waver for Catholic School Teachers:
A tuition waiver for one-half of the student’s tuition is available to full-time teachers, administrators, librarians, and guidance counselors who are employed by a Catholic elementary or secondary school. For more information, visit the Tuition and Financial Aid website.

Scholarship Support for Religious and Seminarians:
At both the graduate and undergraduate level, Catholic University proudly offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for seminarian and members of religious communities. Here are two:

Saint John Paul II Tuition Scholarship:
For consideration, a student must be admitted as a seminarian. Upon acceptance, a student will receive a 50% waiver of tuition only. Students may not combine this waiver with any other scholarship offered by the university.

Basselin Scholarship Program:
For consideration, a student must be admitted into the Basselin Fellowship Program. Students admitted to this program receive a full-tuition scholarship. The costs of room and board are also covered. Students may be permitted to combine this assistance with other aid depending on the aid program and the student’s year in college.