A student in good standing who must interrupt their studies for adequate reasons, such as prolonged ill health or military service, or other circumstances resulting in involuntary interruption of graduate studies, may apply for Academic Leave. Academic Leave is granted for a stated period, usually not to exceed two semesters or one year. 

To request Academic Leave, a student must first discuss the possibility with the Dean. Documentation of the reasons for requesting leave may be required. Following these discussions, the student must make a formal application prior to the first day of the semester in which the leave would be taken. Final approval of the request for an Academic Leave is made by the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies.

An Academic Leave, if granted, will take effect the last day of the semester in which the student was most recently enrolled. The period of Academic Leave is not counted as part of the time allowed for the completion of residence or other degree requirements. Any incomplete ("I") grades that are outstanding must be changed in accordance with the policy on incomplete grades by the date published in the Academic Calendar, whether a student is registered for the current semester or not.

Students on Academic Leave are expected to return to the University when their stated duration of leave has expired, unless they have applied for and have been given an extension. Students who do not return from an Academic Leave when scheduled will be subject to Permanent Withdrawal during the semester in which they failed to return. If the student thereby withdrawn from the University desires to return to graduate studies at The Catholic University of America, he or she must apply for readmission and satisfy current degree requirements to be reinstated.