The following procedure will be adhered to in securing the approval of a doctoral dissertation topic:

  1. Upon fulfilling the conditions for the Ph.D. candidacy and after consultation with the dean, the student will ask a faculty member to assume the direction of the dissertation.
  2. After securing a director, the student will prepare a written proposal and request the director's signature on the appropriate form, obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies.
  3. That form will be forwarded to the dean, who, after consultation with the director, will appoint two faculty members to serve under the chairship of the director as members of the dissertation board.
  4. The candidate will be required to submit to the board a five-to-ten page statement indicating the objective of the research methods for the dissertation. Within two weeks, the board will meet with the candidate to discuss the proposal, and at that time will either accept or reject the topic or request a revision of the proposal. If a revision is required, the board will meet again within a period of four weeks to accept or reject the revised proposal. If the proposal is accepted, the candidate is free to pursue the research under the guidance of the major professor, in consultation with other members of the board if this is desired.
  5. The candidate then prepares a one-to-two page proposal according to directives given on the Request for Approval form to submit to the dean for approval by the faculty and the university.