Under certain conditions the School of Philosophy will approve a limited number of courses taken by Catholic University philosophy majors at other duly accredited institutions for credit toward their Catholic University degree. Philosophy majors interested in applying for transfer credit should, however, keep the following considerations in mind:

  1. All coursework for which transfer credit is sought must satisfy the University–wide policy for earning transfer credit.
  2. All philosophy courses for which transfer credit is sought are subject to evaluation in advance and require advance approval by the Associate Dean of the School of Philosophy.
  3. Courses in philosophy pursued at other institutions will be eligible for credit toward a Catholic University undergraduate degree in philosophy provided that the courses are equal in quality and content to those offered in the School of Philosophy, that they satisfy the major requirements, and that the student has earned high grades in those courses. 
  4. Philosophy courses taken online or at community colleges are not eligible for transfer towards philosophy requirements; they may, however, count as free electives.
  5. The maximal number of allowable transfer courses in philosophy is normally limited to half of those required for the major.
  6. The number of courses that may be transferred after matriculation is limited to two times the number of years the student is in residence at Catholic University.
  7. For advanced students, only 2 of the last 12 courses for the degree may be transfer courses.
  8. The number of courses transferred from summer sessions courses taken elsewhere is limited to two per year.
  9. Please check the Transfer Coordinator's website for important information and deadlines. Students planning to take courses off campus need to fill out the Off Campus Course Evaluation Request.

Note that coursework earning transfer credit does not affect a student’s Catholic University grade point average. Although such courses are counted toward graduation requirements, the GPA reflects courses taken at Catholic University only.

Note also that credits earned in courses taken through The Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area are not subject to the University’s, and the School of Philosophy’s, transfer–credit policies.  Catholic University Philosophy majors interested in taking a course through the Consortium should first meet with, and obtain the approval of, their Academic Advisor.  Registration for a course in the Consortium must be done through the Office of Enrollment Services.

Note, finally, that although courses done in study–abroad programs approved by the University will generally earn transfer credit, philosophy majors should not assume that philosophy courses taken in a foreign institution will do so. Philosophy majors interested in doing a semester abroad should be sure, in any case, to consult their academic advisors, and the Associate Dean of the School of Philosophy, well in advance of their departure for study abroad.