August 27, 2020
LeNotre Headshot

We congratulate Gaston LeNotre (Ph.D., 2017) on receiving the 2020 Founder's Award of the Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy for an essay entitled “Does Thomas Aquinas Change His Mind on the Individuation of Corporeal Substances?” Dr. LeNotre earned his Ph.D. from us in 2017. His dissertation, written under the direction of Greg Doolan, was entitled "Thomas Aquinas and the Method of Predication in Metaphysics."

The 2019 winner, Benjamin Block (Ph.D., 2019), also completed his doctorate with us, as did Francis Feingold (Ph.D., 2017) the year before him. The 2017 winner did not earn his doctorate from the School of Philosophy, but Stephen Ogden (Ph.D., Yale University, 2015) did join the School's faculty that year.