Philosophy and Economics

All lectures are held from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, in the Aquinas Hall Auditorium. The flyer, as well as further details, can be found here.

September 25
Ryan Patrick Hanley, Marquette University
Fénelon, Charity, and Economics

October 2
Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation
A Natural Law Approach to Social Justice and Economic Rights

October 16
James R. Stoner, Louisiana State University
Facts and Values, Markets and Morals: Friedrich Hayek, Political Philosophy, and Catholic Social Thought

October 23
Abram Shulsky, The Hudson Institute
Does Nature Provide for Man? Aristotle's Practical Science of Economics

November 6
Charles Griswold, Boston University
Self-falsification, Exchange, and Freedom: Adam Smith and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Dialogue
(No video available)

November 20
Samuel Gregg, The Acton Institute
Natural Law, Adam Smith, and Economics

December 4
Miguel Alfonso Martínez-Echevarria, Universidad de Navarra
Individuation and Economic Theory